Frequently Asked Questions

Do you run swim tours all year round?
Yes, even in winter!  But don’t worry we can lend you a wetsuit ($20 hire fee) if you feel the cold.

What if I don’t have goggles/hat/fins?
We can lend you (free of charge) goggles and fins – just make sure you tell us what size feet you have when you book.  We will give you a hat to wear on the swim so that everyone is wearing the same hat to make it easy to spot.  You can then take your hat home 🙂

What about COVID19 and borrowing goggles and fins?
We make sure that we wash all goggles, fins and wetsuits in soapy water to kill off any germs and viruses.

Do I need to be able to swim?
Yes. Before we start the tour I will ask everyone to swim 100m (without stopping) to check that everyone is ok in their goggles, fins etc.  You don’t have to be a freestyle swimmer, you just need to get from a to b!

How far will we swim on a tour?
This will depend on the group, but up to 2km.  Don’t let this put you off, I will cater the tours to the group, so it might be that we only swim 500m.  We will be in the water 45 minutes to an hour.

Is the tour only for adults?
No, I am happy to take out children, as long as they are accompanied by a parent.

How do the private tours work?
You can book online or give me a call.  Either way we will arrange a time and place that works for you.

What about if it is raining?
The tours still run in the rain, it’s actually great swimming in the rain.  However, if it is thunder and lightening we won’t go out.

What about water pollution?
I check the pollution levels every day before the swim, the NSW water authority checks the water around 7am every morning.  If there is pollution I will get in touch before our adventure.

What happens if the ocean is rough?
One of the great things of swimming at Shelly beach is that it is usually very protected.  However, if it is very rough we will swim in Sydney harbour, there is a lovely swim from Manly round to Fairlight and back and we still will see lots of fish.

What will I see on the swim tour?
It varies from day to day, it really does.  Some days it is crystal clear, other days it is murky, unfortunately it is hard to predict what it will be like before we get in.  There has not however been a swim where I haven’t seen at least one fish.  We will potentially see wobbegong sharks, cuttlefish, dusky whalers, blue gropers, squid, catfish, angel sharks, port jackson sharks, yellowtails, Australian mado, rays, eagle rays and more!  I should point out that NONE of the sharks I have seen are the kind that eat people, and most don’t even have teeth.

What happens if there is bad weather on the day of my tour?
I will get in touch with you first thing to chat about it, this is why it is important that I have your contact number and email.

How do I get to Shelly beach?
You can get the ferry to Manly, or a bus or an uber etc.  The walk from the ferry is about 20 minutes.

How deep is the water we swim in?
It depends on where exactly we swim, but the depth varies from 0.5m to probably 5m in the deepest part.  If you are worried about depth or rocks then please let me know before we start.