Lara in the water

Hello, my name is Lara and  I LOVE ocean swimming, I didn’t really properly get into it until the end of 2015.  Well when I say properly get into it I was a breaststroke swimmer before, but I didn’t learn to properly do freestyle until I did the CanToo swim program in November 2015.  Believe me when I first started swimming freestyle I had my share of freakouts, so if you are a nervous swimmer don’t worry I get it.

Now I swim 2-3km pretty much every day, you could say that I am addicted!  I’ve also swum in quite a few ocean swims, my longest swim was 10km, which I did in October 2019.

I decided to start this ocean swim tour business to share the amazing ocean and sealife that we have at Manly.  Many people who come and swim with me haven’t swum at Manly before, or are nervous about ocean swimming or swimming alone.

Each tour is tailored to the group, if everyone has ocean swum and swims regularly before we will go a bit further than another group where people may be nervous, that’s why when you book there are a few questions to answer so that I know what to expect.

Each swim trip will be the same as I do when I swim friends, we will swim and stop if we see something special (like a cuttlefish), there will be places where we will regroup if people are a bit behind, no one will get left behind – we will ALWAYS wait for you.  Then afterwards once we are warm and dry on the sand we will have coffee and cake and chat about the fish, the ocean and everything in between.

I am happy to take people out on private tours, and that could be at Manly, Shelly, Freshwater or in the harbour.  We can even do longer swims up to about 5km if you want a bit more of an adventure.

If the group is bigger than four I will have a friend come with me, we will take up to eight people in a group and are happy to take children as long as they are with a parent.

I hope you come and join me on a swim adventure.